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Take your pulse
To guarantee the health of your destination it is necessary to measure its vital signs: indicators such as the hotel offer, tour operation and vacation rental or the availability, categorization and leisure. Having them controlled will guarantee your success on strategic decisions, correcting your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths. Do it with Turobserver.
Hotel Offer and Reviews
Obtain an accurate control of the destination´s hotel offer and control clients reviews with information of each accommodation if needed. Check the average daily availability and prices per night, taking into account both the day of the reservation and the dates of the stay, and study the evolution of these KPIs over time. Turobserver and it´s advanced filtering system allows segmentation by category, location and date within others.
Would you like to analyze the top TTOO/OTAS websites of your destination? Discover which markets grants positive reviews, rates travelers are willing to pay to reach your destinations or how satisfied they are with the service they receive. Filter by location, category of the selected establishment, date or markets of origin within others.
Vacation rentals
The weight of vacation rentals has been increasing over the last few years and, today, it represents a very important alternative for travelers. Turobserver monitors the number of vacation rentals available in the different locations of your destination, their average price and the online reputation they deliver.
Restaurants and activities
What type of cuisine is best valued in your destination? How many restaurants are there? Which have the best reviews? Which monuments are the most visited? What are the main recreational activities that your visitors choose? Are you a holidays, country or urban destination? Identify strengths and weaknesses, correct trends and improve the traveler´s experience. Monuments, beaches, golf, active tours, average price, reviews, total number of opinions, etc. All this and much more.
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