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Leading technology and the most reliable partners
Its power and efficiency are based on the reliability of the data and the agility of its extraction. The web scraping technology developed by the Data Seekers team, responsible for Turobserver, is joined by the ability to establish solid alliances with the most reliable partners.
Web scraping
The web scraping technology that Turobserver uses is world leading, for its agility and for the reliability of the data it provides. The information extracted from more than 250 sites monitored in real time translates into a wide range of indicators, which guarantee a deep and thorough global analysis.
The best technology is complemented by establishing a solid alliance with the most reliable partners. Thus, transactional data, such as those related to spending, or behavioral data, such as mobility, come from collaboration agreements with leading telephone companies or banks in the market.
A clear goal
Turobserver seeks to offer a global analysis of the data, in which the overlap of variables and parameters, sometimes confronted, bring us closer and closer to the reality of destinations.
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